16 March 2021 - by T'a Milano

Strong, determined, smart, and multi-tasking, but also fragile, emotional and sensitive: Women's Day is round the corner, and this year we have decided to celebrate it by introducing you to two of the world's most famous women confectioners!

Elizabeth Falkner was born in San Francisco in 1966 and is currently the most sought-after VIP cake designer in the United States.

After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, she started her career as a chef at a French bistro. She soon learned that her real vocation was pastry-making, and, in no time, she became one of the world’s most famous women confectioners, also appearing as a judge on television programmes such as Iron Chef America, Top Chef Masters and All-Star Academy.

As a woman (and therefore a multitasker!), Elizabeth Falkner’s passion for pastry-making goes hand in hand with her love of writing, through which she discloses the secrets of her trade and art.

Dinara Kasko, instead, started out with a degree in Architecture and Design from the University of Karkhov, Ukraine. She soon discovered a deep-seated vocation for confectionery, but wasn’t prepared to disregard her studies. And in fact, Dinara Kasko's speciality lies in reconciling design and architecture with pastry-making.

Dinara’s cakes encapsulate true engineering and architectural designs, revealing research into geometry, volume, composition, colour and texture. 

We at T'a Milano have also chosen to celebrate Women's Day with a truly special pink ruby boule selection box.

Comprising ten pink ruby chocolate boules with a passion fruit or strawberry filling, the flavour experience afforded by this selection is sure to enchant and surprise… just like a woman!

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