17 March 2022 - by T'a Milano

Finally, the most romantic day of the year is just round the corner! Valentine's Day, known the world over as the day of love, offers a unique opportunity to show your loved ones how you feel - and not necessarily in a conventional way.

Many will celebrate with dinner at a chic restaurant or a delicious candlelit homemade dinner. And a bunch of flowers is certain to go down well with your other half.

T’a Milano, however, has put together a list of unique gifts that are sure to impress and express your love.
Here’s the first product on the T’a Milano list of musts: a box of Assorted Dark and Milk Chocolate Hearts. A definite success since the packaging itself speaks volumes.
Passionate red in colour and shaped like a heart, its fine decorations hot stamped in gold and have an extremely elegant appearance. Inside, it is even more stunning with a selection of 25 dark and milk chocolates in the shape of a heart. So, if you like to impress, this box of Assorted Dark and Milk Chocolate Hearts is the just choice for you!

If you are more reserved and like the simplicity of small gestures, T’a Milano suggests Chocolate Hearts, another selection of heart-shaped dark and milk chocolates, but in a simpler, linear box. The design on the packaging calls to mind the cherry blossoms that fill Japan in Spring, with the petals replaced by delightful little hearts. T’a Milano: simple yet never clichéd!

Or maybe you feel that these gifts are a little too traditional and would like to think out of the box? Our Fruit & Chocolate Special Edition Hearts are just the ticket! T’a Milano’s hallmark Fruit & Chocolate dragées featuring dark chocolate with raspberry or dark chocolate with blueberry and pomegranate now come in a fun box characterised by a modern design studded with lots of colourful hearts! Delicious,
delightful and delectable, the Fruit & Chocolate Special Edition Hearts are the perfect gift from the heart.
But that’s not all!

T’a Milano has a whole host of other products to choose from for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift: at this link you will find our gift boxes containing a bottle of Champagne paired with a selection of handmade chocolates, such as pralines, truffles, Cremino chocolates, Gianduiotti, boules, and so on.

T’a Milano wishes all lovers a very sweet and delicious Valentine’s Day!

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