T’a Milano handmade panettone: all the flavours and a guide to choosing the right one for you
22 December 2021 - by T'a Milano

Craftsmanship is the hallmark of every T'a Milano panettone; a tradition born more than a century ago with the Alemagna family, and then handed down from father to son over the subsequent generations. As Masters of the Panettone, Milan’s typical Christmas dessert, T'a Milano offers different leavened cake in a variety of flavours. First and foremost, there’s the Classic Panettone, a must on any Italian table. Enriched with free-range eggs and Barbour vanilla from Madagascar, T'a Milano’s Classic Handmade Panettone is the perfect choice for tradition lovers and for those who simply cannot renounce a soft Panettone with raisins and candied peel.

For true gourmands who appreciate unusual combinations and surprising, sophisticated flavours, there’s no better choice than T'a Milano’s Pere & Chocolate Panettone or a Panettone with Marron Glacés.

T'a Milano’s Pere and Chocolate Panettone stands out among the brand’s other offerings for its unusual but exceptionally tasty blend between sweet candied pear and bitter dark chocolate, for a truly irresistible combination of flavours.

With its enveloping scent and delicate yet intense flavour, instead, the Panettone with Marron Glacés, featuring an astonishing 25% of marron glacés, is the perfect choice for a more sophisticated palate. A must-have for chestnut lovers!

And to the true gourmands among you, that is, for all those who can’t resist chocolate in all its manifestations, T'a Milano offers its Chocolate Panettone, a classic version in which the raisins and candied peel have been replaced by dark chocolate chips within and a dark chocolate glaze - a real feast for the palate!

Finally, another must-have is the Panettone without Candied Peel - perfect for those who prefer raisins over candied peel. The Panettone without Candied Peal is the perfect choice for those who do not want (and cannot) give up on the delights of this wonderful Christmas cake!

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