Panettone Cake without Candied Fruit

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With its typical aroma and flavour, T’a Milano’s Panettone without Candied Peel, handmade using nothing but the highest quality ingredients, calls to mind a traditional Milanese-style Christmas. T’a Milano’s handmade Panettone are prepared as tradition demands, using sourdough and no preservatives or artificial flavourings, following the recipe handed down by the Alemagna family from father to son and into the hands of Tancredi and Alberto, founders of T’a Milano and great grandchildren of the famous Gioacchino Alemagna.

  • In 2021, the traditional recipe was enriched with the use of free-range eggs and Barbour vanilla from Madagascar.
  • T’a Milano offers the classic Panettone without candied peel, just raisins. Ideal for those who aren’t fond of candied peel but like to follow traditions.

T’a Milano Panettone: a sweet return to tradition combined with creativity.

The Panettone originated back in the time of Ludovico il Moro. However, its role as a traditional Christmas cake may be attributed to Gioacchino Alemagna, whose classic recipe with flour, butter, eggs and sourdough has been handed down unaltered through the years. Milan’s typical cake comes in a classic low mushroom shape with a cross- shaped cut on top and a crust in different shades of golden brown. The dough is a deep yellow and the scent irresistible and highly recognisable. For those who are not fond of candied peel, the classic Panettone is now also offered in a raisin-only version. To uphold the Christmas tradition with the rest!

The Panettone without Candied Peel is rich in raisins and is ideal paired with ginger-flavoured custard. Here is a simple recipe.


28 g granulated sugar
140 g milk
56 g egg yolks (approx. 3)
140 g cream
5 g ginger
Leave the ginger to infuse in the cream then bring to the boil.
Sieve and remove the ginger.
Mix (do not beat) the egg yolks and sugar.
Bring the ginger-flavoured cream to the boil with the milk and pour over the egg yolks.
Cook until thickened at 82/84°C.
Sieve again.
Cover with film and leave to cool in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
Store in the refrigerator.

As reported by the Ministry of Health, an accidental contamination of mustard seeds in Italian wheat was detected, therefore we inform you that traces of mustard may be present among the possible allergens of T’a Milano and Cioccolato Gourmet panettone. The minimum quantity (traces) and the uncertainty of this accidental contamination does not in any way preclude its consumption, except for any subjects highly allergic to mustard.

WHEAT flour, sultanas 25%, EGGS, BUTTER, sugar, MILK, natural yeast (WHEAT), EGG yolk, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, flavourings, salt, cocoa butter. May contain NUTS, SOY, MUSTARD. Average nutritional value per 100g: energy 371 kcal/ 1560 kJ, fat 14 g, of which saturated 8.4 g, carbohydrates 53 g, of which sugar 26 g, dietary fiber 1.7 g, proteins 7.5 g, salt 0.58 g.

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