Gift box: Champagne pralines and Champagne Comte de Montaigne

New for Christmas 2021 is the partnership with Comte de Montaigne, the authentic champagne of Aube, the territory part of Southern Champagne, where in the thirteenth century the first strain of Chardonnay was planted, the genealogical grape variety of all champagnes. Comte de Montaigne put effort in the quest for excellence always favoring the quality. This will to serve with love the Champagne has allowed the Revol family to grasp the quintessence of finesse and elegance to create a champagne very different from the others.

  • A refined selection of pralines with Champagne Brut Grand Réserve Comte de Montaigne and a bottle of Champagne Brut Grand Réserve Comte de Montaigne – Cuvée di Champagne de Prestige Aube which brought to Italy the authentic Chardonnay imported from the Crusades in the 13th century.
  • Milk chocolate pralines with 36% single origin cocoa from Java
  • Dark chocolate pralines with a blend of cocoa beans from Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela
  • A bottle of Champagne Comte de Montaigne Brut Grand Réserve (75 cl)
  • A treasure chest that tells of the passion for quality, craftsmanship and the Bon Vivre that unites the Revol and Alemagna families.


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The desire to always undertake new challenges and experiment, the sharing of common values such as the search for quality, authentic flavors, the joy in giving moments of emotion, warmth, closeness, those that T’a Milano calls “little moments of happiness”, led to the partnership with Comte de Montaigne. The result is a precious gift box containing 12 dark and milk chocolate pralines with Champagne and a bottle of Comte de Montaigne Champagne Brut Grand Réserve.

It takes over 3 days of processing to make the T’a Milano pralines with Comte de Montaigne Champagne Brut Grand Réserve, but upon tasting you are pervaded by an indescribable mix of aromas, flavors, and sensations: an external chocolate shell encloses and wraps a soft filling based on hazelnut cream, chocolate and Champagne that inebriate and amaze.

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