Gianduiotto Little tastes

The Gianduiotto chocolate, made with Piedmont Hazelnut, from the Piedmont tradition but known all around the world, is proposed by T’a Milano in four irresistible flavours, ranging from classic gianduia to dark chocolate, and a delicious pistachio variety in green wrapping. A sugar-free option is also available for those who don’t want to give up on the pleasure of chocolate.
Now the Gianduiotti are available also in single taste or assorted bag:

  • Classic Gianduiotto Little tastes (100 g)
  • Dark Gianduiotto Little tastes (100 g)
  • Chocolate pistachio Little tastes (100 g)
  • Sugar free Gianduiotto Little tastes (100 g)
  • Classic Gianduiotto, Dark Gianduiotto, Chocolate pistachio assorted Little tastes (300 g)
  • Classic Gianduiotto, Dark Gianduiotto, Chocolate pistachio, Sugar free Gianduiotto assorted Little tastes (400 g)
  • Gluten-free
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