A fruit heart covered with dark, milk or white chocolate, the artisanal manufacturing, polishing made only with natural methods, by air, a double layer of chocolate, make these dragées unique and irresistible.
• The T’a Milano dragées satisfies even the sweetest tooth with a “fanciful” and refined blend of ingredients. Piedmont Hazelnut and coffee bean are available coated with either 66% dark Venezuela single origin chocolate or milk chocolate. Almond is covered also with white chocolate, while candied orange peel, coconut, ginger comes exclusively coated with 66% dark Venezuela single origin chocolate. There is also a variety with cereals: crunchy rice with milk chocolate. To complete the range, irresistible pistachio dragées covered in white chocolate, Piedmont Hazelnut with pink ruby chocolate and salty caramel pearls covered with blond chocolate, winner of the International Chocolate Awards.

There are two different weight of dragées box: the first, 120g that is ne normal one and an extra-large format of dragées, 650g, particularly elegant and perfect to be given away, maybe to a couple of friends


2020 International Chocolate Awards – Bronze

2019 International Chocolate Awards – Bronze

2018 International Chocolate Awards – Silver

T’a Milano normally guarantees the processing of orders within 3 working days from the receipt of the online purchase, during peak season the timing may be longer. The timing of couriers is not established by T’a Milano, therefore the actual delivery of the order, from the moment the selected courier is picked up, may be variable, even depending on the destination areas.

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As stated in the terms of sale, ingredients, nutritional values and allergens may be subject to change. Always check what is declared on the product received.
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