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In the cremino panettone, white chocolate melts into the dough making it velvety soft and smooth, milk chocolate drops enhance the flavour and chopped hazelnuts add character, in an irresistible blend of sensations.

  • The cremino panettone cake will amaze you with the balance and delicacy of its flavours, smells and textures.
  • It takes 3 days of slow, skilful craftsmanship to create a Cioccolato Gourmet Panettone, handmade using natural sourdough and nothing but the finest ingredients.
  • Celebrate excellence this Christmas with a Cioccolato Gourmet Panettone.
  • 750 g

The Cremino panettone is an artisanal panettone, made with the highest quality raw materials such as sourdough starter, which is necessary to obtain an ‘Oscar-like’ leavening. For this, three days of slow and skilful processing are required, from the making of the dough to the long leavening, to the baking and cooling, which is done strictly by placing the panettone upside down. By the way, have you ever wondered why? Otherwise the panettone, due to its soft structure, would not support the weight of the dome and would collapse, ‘sagging’ irreparably.

Etiquette teaches an appropriate and polite method for eating all kinds of dishes. Did you know that there is also an Etiquette for Panettone? In fact, although everyone has their own method for enjoying their slice of Panettone, whether starting with the top or the soft inside, bon ton indicates how to do it, in the most elegant way possible. If you have always doubted whether you can eat it with your hands, don’t worry because the bon ton says you can do it BUT, if the Panettone is served alone. In this case you hold the slice with your left hand, while with your right hand you take out small portions to bring to your mouth. If, on the other hand, you prefer to accompany the Panettone with creams, the slice of Panettone should be served spread out on a plate, with the cream on the side. The plate should also be served with a spoon and a small dessert fork. The correct procedure is to use the fork to hold the slice of panettone in place while the spoon prepares the portion, scoops up the cream and brings it to the mouth. Finally, Panettone should be served before fruit but never with coffee.

Panettone al Cremino is an excellent choice because it meets the tastes of everyone, young and old. When this product is unwrapped, it exudes all its fragrance and immediately makes the mouth water! A fragrance that encompasses the aroma of white chocolate mixed with the dough, combined with the scent of chocolate chips and the toasty aroma of hazelnut grains. Literally delicious!

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Ingredients: WHEAT flour, MILK chocolate (14%) (Sugar, Whole MILK powder, Cocoa butter, Cocoa paste, MILK whey powder, SOY lecithin, Natural vanilla flavor. Cocoa min. 26%), Icing (11%) (Sugar, Rehydrated EGG white, ALMOND flour, Rice flour, Sunflower oil, Natural flavor, Salt, Cocoa powder), Sugar, Butter (MILK), EGG yolk, HAZELNUTS grains (6,4%), Dark chocolate (4%) (Sugar, Cocoa paste, Cocoa butter, SOY lecithin, Flavor. Cocoa min. 47%), White chocolate (4%) (Sugar, Cocoa butter, MILK whole powder, MILK whey powder, SOY lecithin, Natural vanilla extract), Orange paste (Orange peel, Glucose-fructose syrup, Sugar), Natural yeast (WHEAT flour, Water), Emulsifiers: Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, Honey, Salt, Whole MILK powder, Natural flavors, Natural vanilla flavor. May contain NUTS (ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, WALNUTS, PISTACHIOS, PECAN NUTS), MOSTARD. Average nutritional values for 100g: Energy: 1705 kJ, 406 kcal; Fat: 18g (of which saturates:11g); Carbohydrate: 53g (of which sugars: 34g); Fibre: 2,5g; Protein: 7,0g; Salt: 0,40 g.

As stated in the terms of sale, ingredients, nutritional values and allergens may be subject to change. Always check what is declared on the product received.
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