Christmas box Audace

Assorted Christmas box Audace with a selection of excellences from Italy and from the world:

  • Classic hand-wrapped Panettone (1 kg)
  • Champagne Brut Apanage Pommery (75 cl)
  • Barolo DOCG “”Paesi Tuoi”” Vite Colte wine (75 cl)
  • Carnaroli rice CRU Gli Aironi (500 g)
  • Casarecce of durum wheat semolina drawn in bronzo Dalla Costa (500 g)
  • Veropop Ciliegino Cherry Tomatoes Italianavera Sughi (400 g)
  • Cotechino Chiapella Salumieri in Langa (500 g)
  • Small Italian green lentils Il Coccio (500 g)
  • Corn flour Molino Filippini Valtellina (500 g)
  • Duck foie gras pâté Jolanda de Colò (100 g)
  • PDO Parmesan Cheese (300 g)
  • Monnalisa seasoned ricotta cheese Salcis Siena (180 g)
  • Extra virgin olive oil T’a Tenuta Trullo Sovrano (250 ml)
  • Chestnut honey Le Querce (200 g)
  • Extra jam of black fig Scyavuru Stories of tastes and flavors of Sicily (100 g)
  • Cremini tasting box (160 g)
  • 72% Dark Chocolate bar (50 g)
  • Dragées – Almond with 66% dark chocolate (120 g)
  • Fruit & Chocolate – strawberry with milk chocolate (60 g)
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