LAST MINUTE GIFTS? The ultimate guide
20 December 2021 - by T'a Milano

T'a Milano knows how stressful the holiday season can be, mainly due to the worry of picking the right CHRISTMAS GIFTS. But don't worry. Some time ago, we created a special guide to help you choose the perfect present.
Today, instead, we want to help you with your last minute gifts.

Handmade Panettone

First and foremost, a Handmade Panettone is one of the most classic and beloved gifts at Christmas time. With a T'a Milano Handmade Panettone, you simply can’t go wrong! The ancient art of pastry making flows through the veins of the people at T'a Milano, so you’ll be spoiled for choice! There’s the Classic Panettone, made with raisins, candied peel, free-range eggs, Barbour vanilla from Madagascar and sourdough.

But also the Pear and Chocolate Panettone, Chocolate Panettone, Panettone with Marron Glacés and Panettone without Candied Peel.

Christmas Hampers

Receiving a lovely Christmas Hamper also has its charms. T'a Milano offers a wide selection of hampers brimming with T'a Milano products and other first-rate Italian specialities. Hampers to satisfy every taste, and the perfect gift for employees, suppliers, customers, relatives, friends… and also for you!

Handmade Praline and Fine Wine Gift Box

If you really wish to impress, T'a Milano offers a series of gift boxes containing a selection of filled chocolate pralines and a bottle of fine wine. For the more discerning consumer, the most popular choice is the Champagne Praline and
Champagne de Comte de Montaigne Gift Box

T'a Milano Specialities

Finally, for your smaller Christmas presents, here are some ideas for you! First of all, there’s our wide selection of T'a Milano dragées, a nutty heart coated in delicious chocolate and available in a variety of flavours, including: almond and PGI Piedmont hazelnut coated with milk chocolate or single-origin 66% dark chocolate from Venezuela, pistachio coated with white chocolate, caramel and salt nuggets coated with blond chocolate. And of course, there’s our assortment of truffles, Cremino chocolates or Gianduiotti and our special praline boxes.

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