31 March 2022 - by T'a Milano

Italians feel a very strong connection with their food traditions, especially when it comes to celebrating festivities: Panettone at Christmas, Chiacchere during Carnival, the Mimosa cake on Woman's Day and, of course, the Colomba at Easter. As we have already mentioned in this article, there are various legends surrounding the birth of the Colomba with some dating as far back as 500 AD.

But have you ever wondered why in more recent times the Colomba has become synonymous with Easter?

The Colomba, as we know it today, was born in Lombardy in the early 1900s and over time spread throughout Italy as the emblem of Easter, alongside the Easter egg. Let’s take a step back in time and find out why.

Milan, 1900.

The city’s many pastry shops and Panettone producers had the need to keep their machines productive even during the low seasons.
To this end, the Motta family decided to create an Easter cake using much the same ingredients as the Panettone: eggs, flour, butter, sugar, candied orange peel and, on the outside, a glazing of almonds and dried fruits.

But why is the Colomba shaped the way it is?

Undoubtedly, the shape of the Colomba is inspired by the Christian dove (Colomba in Italian), which features repeatedly in the Old and New Testaments. 
From Noah’s Ark to the Resurrection, the dove represents the Holy Spirit and, more generally, is a symbol of hope and salvation. Moreover, the cake’s dove-like shape is also an ode to the Easter season, while springtime is synonymous with the reawakening of nature.

The T’a Milano and Cioccolato Gourmet Colomba Cakes

If you love a classic, a traditional homemade Colomba made with sourdough is the perfect choice for you! 

Alternatively, why not choose a Colomba Decora e Farcisci with dark chocolate cream: all the flavour of a traditional Colomba, with a tasty dark chocolate cream provided separately in a piping bag. A sure hit with adults and children alike!

Love a traditional homemade Colomba but not fond of candied peel? T’a Milano has also thought of you, with its Easter Colomba without candied peel, handmade with flour, butter, eggs and sugar following the ancient recipe handed down by the Alemagna family.

If, instead, you prefer a more original Colomba for your Easter, what better choice than a Pear and Chocolate Colomba, in which the sweetness of pears contrasts with dark chocolate to enrich this typical Easter cake with a unique flavour.

If you like pistachios then you will love the Cioccolato Gourmet Pistachio Colomba. Made exclusively from high quality ingredients, this Colomba is filled with a pistachio cream, covered in chocolate and decorated with white chocolate chips.

For chocolate lovers, T’a Milano has created the delicious Triple Chocolate Colomba, in which dark, milk and white chocolate blend in a trilogy of irresistible flavours!

Easter will be truly unique with a T’a Milano homemade Colomba!

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