Truffle tower
A heart of hazelnut and chocolate cream, wrapped by a chocolate shell and plunged into cocoa or icing sugar: the artisanal manufacturing and the high quality of the ingredients make these truffles small treasures of taste • Three striking hexagonal boxes enclose an assortment of deliciously flavoured truffles: soft dark chocolate coated with cocoa, soft dark chocolate and pistachio coated with cocoa, and soft white chocolate and hazelnut coated with icing sugar
Sku: P077
Truffle Tower – 7 truffles Tower box
Net weight: 60 g
Sku: P078
Truffle Tower – 14 truffles Tower box
Net weight: 120 g
Sku: P079
Truffle Tower – 21 truffles Tower box
Net weight: 180 g
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