“Sinfonie inaspettate”
Assorted Christmas box with a selection of Made in Italy excellences. Classic hand-wrapped Panettone (1 kg) Prosecco wine Brut DOC Leganza (75 cl) Fusilloni of durum wheat semolina drawn in bronzo Dalla Costa (500 g) Veropop datterino tomato cultivated in the Sele plain Italianavera Sughi (400 g) Monnalisa seasoned ricotta cheese Salcis Siena (180 g) Sicilian black olives in brine Fratelli Burgio Siracusa (314 g) Taralli with olive oil Terre di Puglia (150 g) Milk Chocolate bar marron glacé filling (30 g) Dragées - Caramel and salt pearl dipped in blond chocolate (45 g) 66% Dark Chocolate bar with Raspberry (50 g) 40 % Milk Chocolate bar (50 g) Yogurt Boule (35 g) Fruit & Chocolate - strawberry with 66% dark chocolate (60 g) Mini cookies with chocolate drops (160 g) Savory biscuit with Parmesan cheese (80 g)
Sku: CN151
“Sinfonie inaspettate” – “Sinfonie inaspettate”
Net weight: 6.000 g
Sku: CN151MAM
“Sinfonie inaspettate” – “Sinfonie inaspettate” Miracolo a Milano
Net weight: 6.000 g
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