This year’s absolute novelty is the new packaging the Secrets: a precious eco-friendly box! This can be completely reused: just take out the grids, recycle them in the paper, et voilà.. 3 drawers available to hide your secrets! The package contains:
  • Design Pralines: dark chocolate red berries filling, milk chocolate almond filling, dark chocolate amaretto filling, milk chocolate marron glacé filling, dark chocolate coffee filling
  • Pralines with decoration: milk chocolate hazelnut filling rasperry decoration, dark chocolate orange filling passion fruit decoration, gold chocolate dark chocolate filling yogurt decoration, milk chocolate pistachio filling mango decoration, dark chocolate Madagascar single origin filling strawberry decoration
  • Dragèes: Piedmont Hazelnut dipped in milk chocolate, raspberry dipped in dark chocolate, blueberry and pomegranate dipped in dark chocolate, coffee bean dipped in dark chocolate
  • 800g
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