Plate desserts

Beautiful to see, this plate desserts are perfect to satisfy everybody's taste. Sold -22°C or +4°C, they are completed with hazelnuts or cocoa grains and chocolate or mixed berries sauce, to decorate and compose the course following your own fancy

Sku: PL-DP001
Plate desserts – Zen stone – caramel mousse with creamy dark chocolate insert
Net weight: 90 g
Sku: PL-DP002
Plate desserts – American cake – cheesecake with gluten free biscuit and blueberry and raspberry
Net weight: 100 g
Sku: PL-DP003
Plate desserts – Hazelnut quenelle with passion fruit – hazelnut cream with passion fruit drop
Net weight: 90 g
Sku: PL-DP004
Plate desserts – Chocolate cake – 66% chocolate ganache with soft cocoa biscuit
Net weight: 85 g
Sku: PL-DP005
Plate desserts – Lemon Curd – lemon cream with flamed Italian meringue
Net weight: 80 g
Sku: PL-DP006
Plate desserts – Chocolate caprese cake – soft chocolate cake
Net weight: 45 g
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