Panettone Cake without Candied Fruit
With its typical aroma and flavour, T’a Milano’s Panettone without Candied Peel, handmade using nothing but the highest quality ingredients, calls to mind a traditional Milanese-style Christmas. T’a Milano’s handmade Panettone are prepared as tradition demands, using sourdough and no preservatives or artificial flavourings, following the recipe handed down by the Alemagna family from father to son and into the hands of Tancredi and Alberto, founders of T’a Milano and great grandchildren of the famous Gioacchino Alemagna.
  • In 2021, the traditional recipe was enriched with the use of free-range eggs and Barbour vanilla from Madagascar.
  • T’a Milano offers the classic Panettone without candied peel, just raisins. Ideal for those who aren’t fond of candied peel but like to follow traditions.
T’a Milano Panettone: a sweet return to tradition combined with creativity. SKU: PN17
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