Ice creams
A line of artisanal ice creams, products of the highest quality and excellent flavor. Among the assortment emerge the KROK: Hazelnut, Pistachio and Dark Chocolate Madagascar ice cream enriched with delicious pieces of hazelnut, pistachio, crunchy chocolate, which make them irresistible. There are also traditional flavors such as Crema, Stracciatella, Fiordilatte, sorbets flavored Italian Lemon, Mango and Maracuja, Raspberry and the particular Variegated Fig. Available in single-dose can with T'a Milano label or unbranded or in a 1 kg format.
Sku: DL-GE001
Ice creams – Krok hazelnut
Net weight: 100 g
Sku: DL-GE002
Ice creams – Stracciatella
Net weight: 100 g
Sku: DL-GE003
Ice creams – Cream
Net weight: 100 g
Sku: DL-GE006
Ice creams – Krok Madagascar dark chocolate
Net weight: 100 g
Sku: DL-GE004
Ice creams – Krok pistachio
Net weight: 100 g
Sku: DL-GE009
Ice creams – Mango and passion fruit
Net weight: 100 g
Sku: DL-GE011
Ice creams – Fig variegato
Net weight: 100 g
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