“Dolce brindisi”
Assorted Christmas box with a selection of Made in Italy excellences. Classic hand-wrapped Panettone (1 kg) Prosecco wine Brut DOC Leganza (75 cl) Limited Edition praline box (105 g) Milk Chocolate bar Piedmont Hazelnut filling (30 g) Dark Chocolate bar coffee filling (30 g) Tartufini - dark chocolate cream covered with cocoa (45 g) Fruit & Chocolate - blueberry and pomegranate with 66% dark chocolate (60 g) Dragées - orange with 66% dark chocolate (45 g) 72% Dark Chocolate bar (50 g) 40 % Milk Chocolate bar (50 g) Mini cookies with chocolate drops (160 g) Cocoa cream mini cone (28 g) Yogurt Boule (35 g)
Sku: CN149
“Dolce brindisi” – “Dolce brindisi”
Net weight: 4.300 g
Sku: CN149MAM
“Dolce brindisi” – “Dolce brindisi” Miracolo a Milano
Net weight: 4.300 g
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