“Delizie e bollicine”
Assorted Christmas bag with a selection of Made in Italy excellences. Classic hand-wrapped Panettone (1 kg) Prosecco wine Brut DOC Leganza (75 cl) 66% Dark Chocolate bar with Raspberry (50 g) 40 % Milk Chocolate bar (50 g) Dark Chocolate bar coffee filling (30 g) Milk Chocolate bar marron glacé filling (30 g) Dragées - orange with 66% dark chocolate (45 g) Yogurt Boule (35 g) Fruit & Chocolate - blueberry and pomegranate with 66% dark chocolate (60 g)
Sku: CN146
“Delizie e bollicine” – “Delizie e bollicine”
Net weight: 3.100 g
Sku: CN146MAM
“Delizie e bollicine” – “Delizie e bollicine” Miracolo a Milano
Net weight: 3.100 g
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