“Degustazione esclusiva”
Assorted Christmas box with a selection of excellences. Classic hand-wrapped Panettone (1 kg) Champagne Brut Apanage Pommery (75 cl) Duck foie gras pâté Jolanda de Colò (100 g) Truffle sauce Appennino Food (80 g) PDO Parmesan Cheese (300 g) Nero d'Avola wine gelly Scyavuru Stories of tastes and flavors of Sicily (180 g) Carnaroli rice CRU Gli Aironi (500 g) Extra virgin olive oil T’a Tenuta Trullo Sovrano (250 ml) Caponata awarded as the best preserve in Italy Fratelli Burgio Siracusa (90 g) Monnalisa seasoned ricotta cheese Salcis Siena (180 g) Mini breadsticks with olive oil Terre di Puglia (150 g) Pink Himalayan Salt Raffaelli (180 g) Extra jam of prickly pear Scyavuru Stories of tastes and flavors of Sicily (100 g) Chestnut honey Le Querce (200 g) Biscuit with dried fruit (160 g) Savory biscuit with Parmesan cheese (80 g) 40 % Milk Chocolate bar (50 g) 72% Dark Chocolate bar (50 g) Limited Edition praline box (105 g)
Sku: CN159
“Degustazione esclusiva” – “Degustazione esclusiva”
Net weight: 7.900 g
Sku: CN159MAM
“Degustazione esclusiva” – “Degustazione esclusiva” Miracolo a Milano
Net weight: 7.900 g
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