Chest of delights
Chest of delights: a package of unique delicacies, as precious as a casket, with three drawers to be opened and offered in the most special moments • In the first drawer you can find: dark chocolate half-sphere with hazelnut filling, milk chocolate half-sphere with caramel filling, gold chocolate half-sphere with coffee filling, ruby chocolate half-sphere with raspberry filling, dark chocolate half-sphere with orange filling. • In the second: hand-decorated dark chocolate pralines with amaretto, vanilla, passion fruit filling and hand-decorated milk chocolate pralines with almond and pistachio filling • In the third: dark chocolate boule with cocoa filling, milk chocolate boule with hazelnut filling, gold chocolate boule with caramel filling, pink ruby chocolate boule with yoghurt filling, white chocolate boule with coconut filling • 570 gr SKU: CF12
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