The World of
T’a Milano

Italian excellence and passion

T’a is the synthesis of history and innovation, quality and refinement, a new way, full of spontaneity, to propose the excellence and the class of Made in Italy. The name T’a comes from the initials of Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna, but also from “T’amo…t’adoro…” (I love you), to underline how the passion for this art that unites us is also a constant source of inspiration for this company which revisits, in a contemporary way, a family art which began a century ago.

T’a Milano is one of the fewest confectionery companies to produce in the area of Milan, following the traditional method and selecting only high quality raw materials which mainly correspond to the Italian products for whom we are appreciated all over the world. The company maxims can be summed up in three words: made in italy, quality and design.

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